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The Diet Solution Reviews

The Diet Solution Program Review
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Program Author: Isabel De Los Rios

About The Author: Isabel De Los Rios

The Diet Solution Program was created by certified nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios. De Los Rios is the author of “The Diet Solution Program” and the owner of New Body, the brand new Jersey fitness and nutrition center. De Los Rios graduated from Rutgers University using a degree in exercise physiology, she is also an approved Holistic Nutrition Coach, certified by the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (C.H.E.K) institute in Los angeles, California.

The Diet Solution Program Overview
The diet plan Solution’s core philosophy is based on the metabolic typing principle. After you answer a series of questions you’ll be able to determine which type you happen to be, each of the metabolic types requires a specific dietary approach. Your type will determine the amounts of carbohydrate and protein mix, once you’ve completed your body type analysis and questionnaire you’ll be able to pick your diet.

NOTE: Detailed meal plans form most of The Diet Solution every body type is assigned a comprehensive meal plan to follow. You will receive full meals and snacks for each body type with a large number of recipes.

There is a major focus on health with The Diet Solution Program, probably stemming from De Los Rios background as a certified nutritionist. Typical packaged snacks aren't encouraged, in fact De Los Rios is clearly no fan of the diet industry as a whole, choosing to shun refined food and fast solution diets.

The Mental Aspect & Long-term Approach Issue
Those pursuing the program will find De Los Rios approach is largely about re-programming your relationship with food, a complete chapter is dedicated to why people overeat and the ways to train your mind for long term weight-loss and health.
It will be fair to state this isn’t an easy option diet , De Los Rios could not make any claims for example ” Lose 10lbs in 10 Days”, her approach is a bit more subtle and long term. This isn’t an easy option, De Los Rios states, this really is more an existence style change, a re-structure of the current dietary practices to some more healthy approach you are able to adhere to long-term for optimal weight loss and health concurrently.

Focuses on Recommended Foods
Most fast foods if not all are not well thought about, processed food snacks are substituted for nuts, fruits, raw vegetables and also other vitamin and mineral nutrient dense food types. All bad fats, hydrogenated fat, sugary cereals, cakes, cookies and so forth are to be used very minimally if. Very mild alcohol intake by means of a small glass of red is given a natural light but only in limited amounts.
We are not able to give the actual foods prescribed as that will depend entirely on which of the body types you match , this information is purely available after taking the questionnaire, but in general terms, all processed foods are out, unprocessed, natural foods are in.
Those include, non starchy vegetables commonplace, some fruits (don't assume all however), lean meat, fish and poultry, organic eggs, raw nuts , coconut oil and flax seed. You will find there's comprehensive list of foods allowed for each body type, including detailed meal plans.
In terms of supplements, De Los Rios, is not a big fan from the supplement industry, recommendations usually are minimal and concentrate around health based supplements, not fat reduction supplements, those include green tea herb, fish oils and so forth. The idea is always that by feeding yourself ample nutritious foods, all kinds of other supplements become less important.
The entire basis for the program in perfect shape eating , this isn’t for those looking for some ultra low carbohydrate temporary quick solution. Think more like 10-15 lbs in 6 weeks that stay off instead of 10-15lbs in Ten days that you balloon look out onto after abandoning whatever extreme diet it really is you’re following.

Highlights Exercise Program
This is predominantly a fat reduction nutrition program, nevertheless it does include 3 full exercise books such as instructions and photos of the type of exercise De Los Rios recommends, these are usually a mix of aerobic workouts combined with resistance based interval training workouts.

Costs and Format
The cost for The Diet Solution Program is currently $39.97. There is an upgrade package including a one on one consultation with the author plus a number of additional audios and videos, this is available for $59. The novel is given clear white pages, black text, easily printable, all pages are numbered, and images are included throughout the text to illustrate the concepts. You can order and find additional information here.

Pros For The Diet Solution Program
Not only a fad diet, the contrary. More a nutrition style of living program, emphasizing long term benefits, not quick fixes.
Founded in science but explained in layman’s terms.
Customized diet plans based on Physique, not a one size fits all approach.
Focus on nutritious, nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.
Focuses on healthy fats for weight loss purposes but in addition for improving heart , hair and all around health.
Numerous diet plans, easily adjustable according to body weight.
The dietary plan allows for a lot of meals and variations with a lot of flavour from seasonings.
A useful ramp up guide that enables the user to have directly into the diet straight over bat.
Solid level of e-email support for dietary questions.

Negative Points To the Diet Solution
The largest negative is that it doesn’t cater to vegetarians in any great degree. Actually, it’s poor for vegetarians if you’re in the protein metabolic type.
Not a quick fix style diet. Large weight loss in 10 days is unlikely. The diet focuses on a mile calorie deficit , De Los Rios states that any large cut in calories creates a metabolic slowdown and so you battle to lose more weight anyway.
Possible expenses along with the cost of this software are well balanced meals, for example De Los Rios prefers organic eggs to “normal” eggs.
Would have been nice to have a forum where all customers could discuss the program , but the e-mail support is acceptable and prompt, as was usually the one on one consultation found in the deluxe package upgrade.

Overall Conclusion To the Diet Solution Program.
The “DSP” favors a lasting health orientated procedure for fat loss, those hunting for a quick fix diet might end up disappointed. This system has a insightful studies and data to guide it’s approach and also a seemingly endless quantity of success stories available on The Diet Solution Program website. The nutrition plan's one of the healthiest we come across, a strong core target vegetables, fruits, vitamin dense foods, lean proteins, select dairy produce along with a clear method of not expecting one diet to work for all physique.
There’s clearly an emphasis on overall health , intestinal, as well as lowering bloating, and other general medical conditions brought on by poor diet. The core approach is always to improve the bodies overall capacity to process foods when you eat the right foods for your body type and metabolism.
The program has sound scientific research behind it, a sane diet and exercise element which won’t bore one to tears. It’s lack of vegetarian support is disappointing, but we liked the simple fact De Los Rios didn’t try and please everybody, she wrote a magazine that delivers and diluting it to accommodate a food choice that sits outside her recommendations would have done it a disservice.
Overall we recommend The Diet Solution Program and are happy to do so, a very proper diet, coupled with moderated exercise plus a focus on giving you better health whilst fat loss as part of a standard lifestyle approach gets the thumbs up from us here.

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